Simple Forex Trading Strategy – A Trading Methodology Anyone Can Use For Huge Gains!

If you want make big gains at Forex trading, we will show you how to build a simple Forex trading strategy which can get you in on all the big trends which is easy to understand and will take you 30 minutes a day or less to implement – Let’s look at how to get on the road to trading success.

If you want to win at Forex trading you need to the odds on your side and enter your trading signals when the odds are at there best – so how do you do this?

If you look at a currency trading chart one fact becomes obvious – EVERY bull trend start and continues by breaking through resistance and the trend continues to do this as it moves higher.

If you execute your trading signals on high odds breakouts and lock into the big trends, you will make huge gains – but how do you do this?

The key to trading breakouts is to look for a lot of tests and really you should trade no less than six tests before the break. The wider they are spaced in terms of time the higher the odds so at least 2 of the tests should be a month or more apart.
When the breakout occurs – you go with it and immediately place your stop loss order below the level which has broken. If you do this you will have very low risk and great profit potential.

This Forex trading strategy is so simple but it works and you only need to use resistance levels and use a few visual momentum indicators to confirm the trade and your all set to make great Forex profits.

Simple systems always work better than complicated ones, as there more robust with fewer elements to break. Another advantage of breakout trading is you don’t have to predict anything, you let the market tell you what to do and trade the reality of price action. Forex markets cannot be predicted or beaten and prediction is just guessing; all the people who tell you prices can be predicted in advance are lying – keep it simple and trade the reality!

While the above is a simple Forex trading strategy it works and will always work, as long as there are trends and in a free market economy that will never change – so trade the breakout and enjoy currency trading success!